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Applebite Works

Welcome to books and artwork!

Applebite works  both ways!

Vlasta Diamant

The faces of me

My Background

Universe–macro and micro, fluid and infinite. Linguistic,

Language/literature: English (BA), German (MA), design, art

Proclivities: writing, performing, visual arts developed in US, in ongoing life.  

My Medium

"Happiness," painterly monoprint, 2006

"I feel happy, for the best reason – I don't why…"

ART in visual media and writing: from early jewelry, ceramics, middle–masks, to late-"painterly monoprints" – to writing–all along>BOOKS.

My Inspiration

An early photo with Mother, an iconic one  of us.

UNIVERSE–micro & macro, fluid and infinite. No shortage of inspiration; more important–tenacity of execution-the SVS memoir & I'm Alive–in progress .


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Hello to younger and older elderly!

Welcome to this zine

Be a reader and a contributor. Many of you have written poems, stories during your life, produced artwork without letting others know about it.  We do have standards, but take a chance! Submit to Vlasta@applebite.works